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  1. Jenny St. Michel

    K-Lite and Gnatrol

    I’ve used mosquito bits with k-lite without any issues. Not 100% sure but I believe they are the same as gnatrol.
  2. Jenny St. Michel

    Anyone growing Paphiopedilums in NZ Tree Fern Fibers Successfully?

    I bought a bag of Fernwood TreeFern Fiber last spring and used it a couple ways. 1. Mixed in medium orchiata bark 2. As a thick top dressing. When i first started using it within a few days of watering a brown mold grew on it. I started soaking it in boiling water before use and the mold went...
  3. Jenny St. Michel

    A little tour

    Thank you for sharing! Would love to see more 😊
  4. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag question

    It should! As long as culture remains good :-) sometimes it does take awhile especially if it’s a new plant and recently changed environments.
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    I had to google what cuttle bone was! Looked like a creepy bug egg in the pic. But now I remember seeing birds eat it. Seems like it could work/not hurt.... But I have never bothered with adding oyster shells to my pots. I prefer to just use feed that has calcium and magnesium. Be interesting to...
  6. Jenny St. Michel

    My beautiful ladies

    Very beautiful! Nicole Tower was one of my firsts and I still love her. She seems to flower forever!
  7. Jenny St. Michel

    Fungus gnats and no Gnatrol

    I’ve been using mosquito dunks for about a year now and haven’t had any issues since. Works great. I do what Ray basically said and crumble them up let sit in water overnight and water the plants. I get little chunks that stay on the top of the media so I believe it keeps working for a long time.
  8. Jenny St. Michel

    Paphs are deathtraps.

    Poor guy! American bugs are now getting too fat. Lol.
  9. Jenny St. Michel

    General Questions (Parvisepalum)

    Hello! I do not change my fertilizing when any orchids are in spike/flower. I figure naturally nutrients wouldn’t change just because they are flowering. I leave it up to the plant to use what it wants. I only cut back on watering in slower growth times. Also I do not move any outside as it...
  10. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Root Po*n

    Hi Ray, It had 4 good sized growth when I got it and now it has 11. I grew it in a tall, black nursery pot -size about 6”x7”. And sat that pot within a clay pot to help keep it cool. All my plants grow in a south-west sunroom with floor to ceiling windows. I try and go for as much light as...
  11. Jenny St. Michel

    Cool flower and bug! ID’s please

    Looks like a stick bug. I see them around every now and then. There’s a bunch of different kinds depending on your location. If you google stick bug and your location I bet you could find it. I don’t think they are harmful.
  12. Jenny St. Michel

    New from New York!

    Hello! I top dress with mostly tree fern fiber but will also use spagnum moss as well. I started with repotme But I do not buy from them anymore. Once your collection grows you can go broke buying there. There are other places with equal products at way lower prices 😍
  13. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Root Po*n

    For anyone interested I do use K-Lite and KelpMax. My well water is about 70 ppm and approx. ph 7.3 and I use 1/4 tsp K-Lite about every 2 or 3 days. And KelpMax every 3 or 4 weeks. I ph adjust when I first repot if run off is high. I also use this on my other houseplants plants at different...
  14. Jenny St. Michel

    Phragmipedium cabrejosii

    Very cool. Reminds me of a Paph. But better cause it’s a Phrag!