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  1. Hoppy

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum ‘Hercules’

    Back in May I posted this thread. Noone here would entertain the idea that Plant B could be pure. Since then I have ascertained plant B came from a grower in Queensland who usually specialises in multi's, and...
  2. Hoppy

    Australia fire emergency

    A small glimmer of hope
  3. Hoppy

    Multifloral charlesworthii ?

    I think P.K.Hansen is probably growing well, but like I said my flowers were deformed and I think the lights were to blame. My aim was just a cheap, compact way to keep things alive over winter.
  4. Hoppy

    Multifloral charlesworthii ?

    Found a photo that I took in April. On the right front is my ‘little Paph insigne’. Paph Pepperpuddle visible far right but can’t see it’s bud. On the left rear is Paph Charlie’s Girl. The flowers opened at that height. Concave pouches. All a mess. Left front is Rosy Dawn. Dropped the smallest...
  5. Hoppy

    Will the real Coelogyne flaccida please stand up

    I made a couple of impulse buys off AU eBay. Both were labelled as Coelogyne flaccida. There are a few differences that make me think one is an imposter. Plant 1 Dorsal sepal is erect Lip has the yellow bar but sides are orange. Stunning rich floral fragrance Plant 2 Sepals, both dorsal...
  6. Hoppy

    Multifloral charlesworthii ?

    This year my Paph Charlie’s Girl (charlesworthii x Gigi) had twin buds. No stem length, both flowers were monsters. Also Paph Rosy Dawn (Astarte x Gwen Hannen) had twin buds but dropped one. The remaining flower was a little distorted. Didn’t take any pictures. Too disappointed.
  7. Hoppy

    Paphiopedilum Pepperpuddle

    As requested by fibre. P. Pepperpuddle ( P. spicerianum x P. F.C. Puddle) started opening over the weekend. Not quite fully open yet, the dorsal sepal is still a little cupped. It may be 56.25% spicerianum but I don’t remember the dorsal sepal reflexing last year. I’ll have to wait and see.
  8. Hoppy

    Variation in Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    I’ll accept that Plant B is a hybrid. Grower B assumed the plant would have been one of the seedlings he bought from Grower A. But some time previously he had bought a flask labeled Paphiopedilum spicerianum x sib. He no longer remembers it’s origin. Hybrids have their own charm. As the...
  9. Hoppy

    Variation in Paphiopedilum spicerianum

    I bought 2 Paph. spicerianum seedlings, 1 from grower A and 1 from grower B. Grower B had also bought seedlings from Grower A, so originally it was assumed that I had bought pod/ flask sibs. But I think not. These are first flowers of both. Photo 1 shows the variation in leaf shape between the...
  10. Hoppy

    The little Paph. insigne

    I thought I should put up a couple of pics of my “little Paph” now the flowers have opened. They have actually been open a few weeks. I think Fred had good taste in his orchids and I will be eternally grateful for his gift, even though it started me on the slippery slope that is orchid hoarding.
  11. Hoppy

    The story of a small Paph

    Oops, sorry Edward Seeley. Stupid predictive text changed your spelling.
  12. Hoppy

    The story of a small Paph

    Sorry, fibre, I did not take a photo of Pepperpuddle last year.It appears in low bud at the moment this year so there may be another opportunity shortly. Thank you, for the Replies and Likes fibre, Edward Steeley and NYEric. Here is a photo of my little Paph insigne now. It’s come a long way...
  13. Hoppy

    The story of a small Paph

    First contact... I have been watching you all from afar for a year now. Studying you all. Quietly learning. Not feeling I had anything to add... Back in December 2015, I received a small, unlabelled single fan of a slipper orchid. It was a ‘going away present’ from a patient named Fred when...