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    Phragmipedium yelva myhre spiking but leaves rot problem

    Thanks abax. The new growth is ok, It seems not affected by rotting. I want to save the spike but I'm afraid I can damage or stop it putting some fungicide or other product on it.
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    Hello from Italy

    Thanks to all for your kindness. I'm happy to hear your words Ray and Guru. Ciao Luciano e ciao spes. In the US on eBay or other sites I see a lot of super red hybrids like Red Wing, Scarlett ohara, fox valley, in Italy or Europe nothing. I wonder why?
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    My Best Fox Valley Fireball

    Incredible view, congratulations, great shape and red color. Unfortunately is almost impossible to find great red hybrid like this or red wing here in Europe. Let me know this semi-hydro technique please.
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    Phragmipedium yelva myhre spiking but leaves rot problem

    Hello my friends, after a lot of time, and after a lot leaves, my yelva myhre is putting a spike but unfortunately from few days the principal growth in spiking is losing its leaves, one after the other, first yellow then brown. The strange thing that at first seemed a good news was that the...
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    Hello from Italy

    Hello to everyone, I'm an orchid addict from Rome. It's long time I read this beautiful forum and now I decided to subscribe, also because, I admit, I need an help with my Phrag yelva myhre. I love Paphio e Phragmipediumm, mainly besseae and its hybrid because I adore red color. I have some...