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  1. HairBear73

    Paphiopedilum fairrieanum f. bohlmannianum

    Incredible, beautifully grown 😍
  2. HairBear73

    Paph. helenae

    Didn’t expect any of the plants I got from Orchid Inn a few months ago to bloom this year so this beauty is definitely a bonus 😊
  3. HairBear73

    paph helenae

    Fantastic array, one of my favourites too, love the variety of colours and shapes ❤️
  4. HairBear73

    Paph. acmodontum

    I’m hoping to get more than one bloom at a time from this plant - maybe next time! It still doesn’t disappoint though, the colours are always incredible.
  5. HairBear73

    Paph.micranthum 25 growths

    I’m beyond envy! Fantastic growing 👏 ❤️
  6. HairBear73

    Paph acomdontum 'Pearl'

    Beautiful, even the leaves are spectacular 😊
  7. HairBear73

    My Brachies in 2022

    Wonderful group, I’m green with envy 😊
  8. HairBear73

    Paph bellatulum

    Thanks all 😀
  9. HairBear73

    Paph bellatulum

    First time bloom for this plant from Mark @ Elite Orchids, think it was longest time for a bud to fully open I’ve ever had, more like malipoense!
  10. HairBear73

    Paph malipoense

    Thank you 😀
  11. HairBear73

    Paph malipoense

    I know it will never win any prizes but it always feels like an achievement when this blooms!
  12. HairBear73

    A Few Blooms

    Some paphs blooming just now, I can’t claim credit for the haynaldianum, it already had one flower when I got it but wanted to share.
  13. HairBear73


    Actually, they are not as similar as I thought - sorry 😬
  14. HairBear73


    i also have a Zygopetalum that just has that as it’s name tag, flowers are pretty identical to yours, from Burnham Nurseries and I bought it as Artur Elle, have attached old photos of it blooming to compare.