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    Cattleya velutina

    I've heard those are hard to grow. Any culture tips?
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    A problematic cattleya lueddemanniana

    Very nice C. lueddemanniana semi-concolor!
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    Paphiopedilum philippinense

    That's nice!
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    Only 5 paphs (so far)

    I'm in the middle. I know of the silent auction, but Wed is one day where I absolutely have to be at work. I'm the only one on for most of the shift. Kinda sucks, because I've gotten some good plants at silent auctions. I was in the species club many years ago, but dropped out. Some species...
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    Only 5 paphs (so far)

    I asked them about the simultaneous meetings. Seems that they are held in local schools, and that is when they are on break, and since both break at the same time, both shows are at the same time; no intent to compete, just coincidence. Central Oahu is at Lelehua HS in Wahiawa; Windward is King...
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    Paph parishii

    I love Paph. parishii, thanks for the photos.
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    Paph gratrixianum Question

    I've only had a few totally outstanding ones, based on the number of times they've been taken, that I've removed from the internet. The others are like you said, just annoying to discover elsewhere. The ones that really irritate me are ones used by sellers that are now making money off work that...
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    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum bud!

    Congrats! (we ain't looking at the pot, anyway)
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    Paph. Temptation

    Thanks much for the comments. Ozpaph - I'll see if I can find a closeup. This photo is with a batch from around Jun to Nov when I was trying to decide where to host them after I left photobucket. They are jumbled to gether, but I think I can find a close up.
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    Paph. Lyro Blackhawk

    Thanks all! I would hope for more blooms as it gets larger, but I'm not familiar with this little one, so I don't know how many to expect per spike. It's cute but compact. I thought the petals might have more of a twist based on some other ones I've seen, but this has about a half twist at the...
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    Paph gratrixianum Question

    This has been determined to actually be a mis-labeled Paph. villosum (thx Ray and Don)
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    Paph. gratrixianum

    I don't know much about paphs at this point, but after looking at some of the Paph villosum photos, I'd agree it falls within the variations I saw for that species. Does Paph. villosum also have the tiny dark spots at the base of the leaves? This one has plenty of those. -edit - just checked...
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    Paph. Temptation

    This was the 2nd blooming back in June. I hadn't decided where to host photos after getting away from photobucket. The bloom from the previous year also had 7 buds, but the topmost was kinda small, and eventually blasted. This time it stayed put. I was pleased with the arrangement of the...
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    Paph. gratrixianum

    Sold/labeled as Paph. gratrixianum, but this one has no spotting. Maybe a hybrid?
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    Paph. Lyro Blackhawk

    Like a dark mini roth type. Dark even with the flash on the camera. 2nd blooming, but 1st for me. The entire plant is about 12 or 13 inches wide.