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  1. Guarceñosis

    Phrag. Eumelia Arias

    Nice color, congrats.
  2. Guarceñosis

    Phragmipedium humboldtii

    Excellent. Congratulations
  3. Guarceñosis

    Phrag Peruflora's Saltinbanco

    This hibrid comes from Manolo Arias and is a cross between P. kovachii x P. Boissierianum. It produces huge flowers.
  4. Guarceñosis

    Phrag schlimii forma Manzurii

    I dont remember if I posted this bloom before. This Phrag bloomed at the beginning of last December. This is the typical color of forma Manzurii, a pale green in the petals and the dorsal sepal. The pouch in white though. Isn't beatiful?
  5. Guarceñosis

    Phrag schlimii

    Not, I didnt. I didnt collect any schlimii, the population is very limited.
  6. Guarceñosis

    Phrag schlimii

    Yes, it is moss over the rock
  7. Guarceñosis

    Phrag besseae xant x schlimii var. Manzuri albiflorum

    The pictures dont show the current colors.
  8. Guarceñosis

    Phrag schlimii

    Abax dont know
  9. Guarceñosis

    Phrag Green Hornet

    This Phrag is an easy to grow. It grows like weed with grass like leaves. It's pretty similar to P. pearcii but bigger.
  10. Guarceñosis

    Phrag besseae xant x schlimii var. Manzuri albiflorum

    The actual color is pale yellow.
  11. Guarceñosis

    Phrag schlimii

    The roots are heavely attached into cracks. This rock is in the middle of a creek. The plants receive lots of water, some time flooded.
  12. Guarceñosis

    Phrag schlimii

    This Phrag was collected in the wild by a friend. Recently we visited the place to see how this Phrag lives in situ. All plants were growing over rocks receiving lots of pure water.
  13. Guarceñosis

    Phrag besseae xant x schlimii var. Manzuri albiflorum

    This a nice Phrag that blooms the second time for me and comes from D. Manzuri. Like all the micropetalum, it loves the water. I water it every day, sometime twice. It has 2 more spikes.
  14. Guarceñosis

    Phrag Emma Decker

    Thanks Abax