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    Dendrobium cuthbertsonii Seedlings

    I have a few extra seedlings left over from a project I have in the works. These have been out of flask for about a year, and I just recently potted them individually from their compot. This is from a crossing of an orange bicolor with a pink, so the individual seedlings should show some...
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    Cyp. formosanum pot culture

    I've always wanted to try Cyps, but my hot summers and rarely cold winters make that a difficult task here. Everything I've read says Cyp. formosanum is more adaptable to warmer temps if certain precautions are taken. I'd like to give it a try, but I'd like to hear experiences/suggestions on...
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    Bulbophyllum contortisepalum #2

    Was able to snap some photos of both the yellow and the bicolor. They aren't great because they're just from my phone, but you can clearly see they are not very similar. I'm thinking the reddish species may actually be falciferum or streptosepalum.
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    New "Orchidarium"

    Very nice! This is the same size that I use for mine. One recommendation, though...use glass instead of plexi if you can, or use thick (1/4"+) plexi. Anything smaller than that, and it will warp horribly. I run dual T5HO and two LED bars on mine and have no heat issues, and mine isn't even in a...
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    Bulbophyllum contortisepalum #2

    The flowers on my red one are definitely smaller than the yellow. I have two other plants besides these two. One is currently sending up two spikes, and the buds look yellow. Though, the spikes are still a little early in the development to call it officially. The 4th plant shows no sign of...
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    Bulbophyllum contortisepalum #2

    A second plant of mine is now in flower. I purchased this one (just as the other) as the "black" form, which it is not. I don't mind, though, because I really like the all yellow form. This one has better form than the previous, and I think the sepals are a tad longer. And a poor...
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    sukhakuii fma aureum (OZ clone)

    Nice plant and well-grown, Chad!
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    Bulbophyllum obovatifolium

    Wow! I need to remember to order this one next time!!
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    Bulbophyllum contortisepalum

    Thanks, Angela! Naoki, if your variety Black came from Dan, then this should be similar to yours. I have another plant in spike at the moment, so I guess we will see how uniform they are.
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    Bulbophyllum contortisepalum

    Small Bulbo. species from Papua New Guinea. This is from a group of plants I imported and is the first bicolor form of this species that I've seen.
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    Some Blooms Around the Greenhouse

    Not terribly hard. I grow it in my terrarium. Typical Bulbo. light, watered 3x a week, high humidity, mounted bare to cork. This was one of Tom-DE's plants.
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    Some Blooms Around the Greenhouse

    Epidendrum magnoliae Inobulbon munificum Bulbophyllum cernuum
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    Asian Species for Sale

    C. usitana B. contortisepalum H. pinifolia B. facetum B...
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    Asian Species for Sale

    I imported a few species from an Asian grower recently and have a few extras to offer. Most of these plants are past the stage of dropping leaves, and many are pushing new roots/leads. Still, they are recent imports, so keep that in mind. They may look perfectly grown. Plants are blooming size...
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    My CP's plus a few orchids

    Mike, can you tell us (and possibly show us) more about the "guts"of this set up? I'm particularly interested in your cooling and humidity control methods. Those Neps look great! Thanks!