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    Paph adductum

    Hi, sorry to hear it. I take some plants in Asendorfer, in the last order a Adductum, young, I hope someday to see his face and is a real one. But refound with ebay with young plants..its quite hard. regards
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    And these are for eric

    Congrats! Amazing work Bjorn!
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    Irrigation pump?

    Thanks Naoki. You are right, but...i have some problems with crown rot...the last a micranthum.
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    kovachii challenge

    i like to hear that!! for a moment...i´m very:confused: ...:clap::clap::clap: Please nova, keep me updated!
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    Irrigation pump?

    I imagined it was so, but I never saw it, to thanks Lance.
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    Irrigation pump?

    sorry for the intrusion. How is it that ye do to irrigate paphs, to avoid problems of rot in the new leaf, with these sprayer pumps? like it rain? or approaching the nozzle to the substrate? thanks!
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    Phrag fischeri

    Thanks Jean for the photos! Amazing well growing! I´m with NYeric, is a perfect examples for both spp! Fischeri for me is hard to grow, dont like that disturb the roots (repoting). Thanks again!
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    A Scottish Kovachii in Spike

    Amazing! Really impressive plants!
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    Phrag fischeri

    Congrats! Nice flower. can be a pic of the plant-pot? I have one, is doing better with a open media, about 3 years in my house and i see the first root growing well now.
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    A Scottish Kovachii in Spike

    Congrats, really impressive!
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    who can this be?

    Hello! To thanks to all for your replies! The littles "crickets" are about 1mm. I dont see any damage cause for them (i think). Erythrone, yes they have 6 legs and 2 antens, a insect. But not a dark aphid. When i have more time i try to take more pics wit the camera. For now, is better not...
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    who can this be?

    Hi: Took some time watching these tenants in my plants, it is probably an issue that was treated a thousand times, but I'm not 100% sure of what can be. If they are bad ... what treatment is best? Is hard take pics...with the movil: :confused: Take another question, in some phrags...
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    Europe only: 50 Orchids!, one parcel!!!

    And...when the bidding ends?
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    Phrag fischeri

    Hello Tobias: To much thanks again for your tips! hopefully make some root from the base! great collection! Regards