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    Mealy Bugs!

    Hello, I am surprised (understatement) so many growers routinely use the most dangerous chemicals on their orchids when you can eradicate all pests for good with the Australian labybird called Cryptolaemus montrouzieri (available in Europe at least, the US I don't know). Some years ago, they...
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    Journalist looking for orchid trader or owner who has evaded CITES rules

    Hello, I seldom comment on forums any more but I wish to commend Dr. Leslie Ee for his excellent and wise comments above. It is very rare to read reasoned and informed arguments of that calibre. Thank you very much. F.W.
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    Hello, I find the most effective treatment is Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, a species of ladybird originally from Australia. They are unbelievably voracious and will rid you of scale within a few days. I have used them in my garden (and on my Paphs out for the summer) several years ago to...
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    How's the weather?

    Your ignorance of what the Royal Society really is is worthy of the Guinness book of records.
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    How's the weather?

    "primary school level conjecture"? On the Royal Society website? This beggars belief. Are you aware of the enormity of what you write?