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    Phrag problems.

    Check for thrips or mites.
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    Should I keep it...?

    Hi Naoki My formula is to add 100ml of coconut to 1l of media so you will end with 1100ml of sowing media.For the replate media we add 50g of fresh banana, not too ripe. Try to be always in the lower side for the agar concentration, this is on of the key points for Phrags, my media s almost...
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    Should I keep it...?

    Yes as said by Tom it is very frequent to see self pollination with this species we have to cut the seedpods frequently to avoid unneccesary stress in our andreettae and fischeri plants. Your pod should be ready in about 90 days. We are using P668 at 1/2 of strenght with 100ml/of coconut...
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    New species of Phragmipedium described.

    I visited the population where the plant was collected last year. It is a color form of anguloi with pale red color tones
  5. eteson

    New species of Phragmipedium described.

    They described anguloi again... sad!
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    The impacts of climate change on the natural world

    Please take a look to the Vostok ice core, the best paleotemperature record so far. Do you see a static temperature trough time? Actually we are proposing that speciation in the schlimii complex (very sensitive to temperature) is driven by this climate cycles.
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    Phrag. fischeri

    Tom is right, it is autogamous, but John also is right.... If you remove the pollen as soon as the bud starts to open you can use it as a pod parent. We tested to remove the pollen in a couple of plants the same day they started to open and this avoided self pollination. Later we made some...
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    Revisiting the Phrag. schlimii Complex

    Dear friends, Happy new 2018, our best wishes from Colombia! Some people asked me to share our last WOC talk about Phragmipedium schlimii. Please find it in the following link...
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    Don Wimber

    I love that plant. Nicely grown!
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    Phrag kovachii

    Hi, David Now i am using BM-1 or BM-2 from phytotechlabs for kovachii, with this medium the pH is more stable and the root development is quite good. You can try also a mix of BM and 1/2 strenght P668 at (75%-25%) it is working very fine for Phrags.
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    phrag brasiliense

    I would say that it is x richterii but JP has much more trained eye for Himantopetalum.
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    Phrag. Foolerisch ?

    I also think it could be a Cardinale selfing but looking the cardinale crosses you can see that it has high dominance in the offspring... You can find the picture of the real thing in orchidweb.com
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    Phragmipedium Roberto Takase

    It is a very interesing hybrid! Thanks for sharing
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    phrag Pink Panther 'Dreamscape'

    Very Good!