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    SEPOS canceled

    Hey all, Just wanted to let you guys know, I’ve contacted SEPOS and they are cancelling their show this year due to the Coronavirus.
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    Piping Rock new owner

    I wish you the best with Piping Rock Orchids and look forward to be meeting you at future shows, George!
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    Phrag Schroederae

    lol thanks! It's well worth the wait.
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    Phrag Schroederae

    Very nice!!! Mines just opened as well. It took only 9 YEARS to bloom.
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    SEPOS 2019

    What orchid followed you home, Eric?
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    Deep Cut Orchid Society Show

    I stopped by this morning and bumped into NYEric. Picked up 3x Dendrobium, 3x Masdevilla and a Phrag. Schilimi.
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    kovachii blooming sequence

    Beautiful! Owning a few kovachii myself, there's something special about a blooming kovachii...
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    A Group of Paphiopedilum fairrieanum at NJOS

    It was a beautiful display from Piping Rock Orchids.
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    Best way to lose weight ?

    My diet consists of mostly meat (mostly chicken) and vegetables. I'll have carbs here and there. I also gave up soda (10+ years) and mainly drink water. Plus I work out 6x a week.
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    My new greenhouse

    That's a gorgeous setup!!! :drool:
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    My CP's plus a few orchids

    +1 :clap:
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    Paris CLimate Accord

    Tillerson was in support of the Paris Agreement.
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    My CP's plus a few orchids

    Exceptional CP collection, SFLGuy & Mike! Now it makes me want to post my CP...
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    Cape sundew

    This can be seen in Venus Flytrap as well. The prey provides a short burst of the energy for growth. Awesome capensis. One of my favorite Drosera species.