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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    They really were a great nursery. Yup, Jonathan will be working for Andy’s.
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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    Well Marlow Orchids is closing its doors at the end of June. :( Their Final Open House is on 6/5/2021 10am - 4pm.
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    Phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling

    Considering it's only a single growth plant, I would cut the spike as well and let the plant concentrate on more growths. Allowing it to flower may weaken the plant and you may lose the plant. It sucks, I know. Hope this helps.
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    PEOY Spike: Is this normal?

    I would wait till the spike gets taller to stake.
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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    Looks like the new owner, Jonathan Jones, is trying to revive Marlow Orchids. :)
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    Stunning macrophylla and villosa. Some of my favorite Nepenthes species! Fellow Nepenthes grower btw.
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    Marlow Orchids closing...

    I hate to report this but as announced on Facebook by Jim Marlow, he will be closing Marlow Orchids due to Covid-19 as he quoted... "With much sadness, I'm announcing the closing of Marlow Orchids. Covid-19 has caused all shows for 2020 and well into 2021 to be cancelled. Been in biz since 1993."
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    SEPOS canceled

    Hey all, Just wanted to let you guys know, I’ve contacted SEPOS and they are cancelling their show this year due to the Coronavirus.
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    Piping Rock new owner

    I wish you the best with Piping Rock Orchids and look forward to be meeting you at future shows, George!
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    Phrag Schroederae

    lol thanks! It's well worth the wait.
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    Phrag Schroederae

    Very nice!!! Mines just opened as well. It took only 9 YEARS to bloom.
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    SEPOS 2019

    What orchid followed you home, Eric?
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    Deep Cut Orchid Society Show

    I stopped by this morning and bumped into NYEric. Picked up 3x Dendrobium, 3x Masdevilla and a Phrag. Schilimi.
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    kovachii blooming sequence

    Beautiful! Owning a few kovachii myself, there's something special about a blooming kovachii...