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  1. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum lowii

    Excellent! Good job!
  2. Duck Slipper

    A triploid Fritz.

    Very nice!
  3. Duck Slipper

    NYEric this reminded me of your grow space!

    I really don’t understand how she waters everything?
  4. Duck Slipper

    Paph. Delrossi repot

    Impressive roots. God job!
  5. Duck Slipper

    Evaporative Cooler for Basement Grow room

    😳 WOW! I’m impressed!
  6. Duck Slipper

    Got my first order from Orchid Inn today

    Yes... 4-5 different Phrags he has on his website now. I purchased a Kovachi from him about a year ago. It’s not doing so good, but it isn’t his fault.
  7. Duck Slipper

    Paph St Swithin

    Good job and Congrats!
  8. Duck Slipper

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    Would love to see pics Mr. Littlefrog.
  9. Duck Slipper

    Paph henryanum ‘Bear’ SM/TPS x self

    Nice, keep us posted!
  10. Duck Slipper

    Best place to buy shade cloth?

    www.shadeclothstore.com There is more on line. One I ordered from had a minimum order and took a couple weeks.
  11. Duck Slipper

    New seedlings

    Looks good Hakone and I like your auto watering system.
  12. Duck Slipper

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    I like lueddemanianna’s...I can’t smell very good, but I can smell these! Good job! Duck
  13. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum barbigerum var. aureum

    Good job...Did you say above, two years from flask to bloom?
  14. Duck Slipper


    Good job!