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  1. Duck Slipper

    My Best Fox Valley Fireball

    Frame the picture! Beautiful flower and excellent growing.
  2. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum bellatulum 'SVO x Paphiopedilum Johanna Burkhart 'SVO'

    Nice pic of a great flower.
  3. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

  4. Duck Slipper

    A few in bloom

    I agree…easy to grow and flower! But, purists on this forum prefer species. I like em all.
  5. Duck Slipper


    Zygopetalum intermedium is similar. There are color variations within the species.
  6. Duck Slipper

    Phrag Mem Dick Clements

    Very nice! I like it.
  7. Duck Slipper

    A little Fritz action

    Besseae ‘First Kiss x Kovachi ‘Purplicious’
  8. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

    Excellent… Roth season is coming!
  9. Duck Slipper

    A little Fritz action

    Out of town now… I’ll post later.
  10. Duck Slipper

    Paphiopedilum leucochilum album in spike!

    Very nice leuco. Maybe our Covid world will get back to a more normal way of life
  11. Duck Slipper

    A little Fritz action

    Both pics taken with morning sunrise moments apart. Looks like I lost a bit of clarity or sharpness with the closeup.
  12. Duck Slipper

    A little Fritz action

    Fritz Schomberg, This Fritz took a 2 year break after getting rot. It had bloomed twice before, but this is its best bloom yet.
  13. Duck Slipper

    Greenhouse thermostat help…

    Thank you Ray! Since it isn’t wired to any electricity and the heater isn’t either. What thermostats do other greenhouse owners use?? The millivolt thermostat that comes with the heater is an inexpensive LED model…surely I am not the only ST person that has been down this road before?
  14. Duck Slipper

    Greenhouse thermostat help…

    Thank you Ray, you know more about this than I do…millivolt by my meaning is “No electricity”. This thermostat does not require electricity?
  15. Duck Slipper

    Greenhouse thermostat help…

    I have a 12’x 30’ GH, freestanding about 35 yards from my house. It has its own electricity and propane. 2 heaters that do a great job. A Modine “Hot Dawg” heater and a Williams 30,000 btu heater that will function if electricity goes out. The Williams Heater does an excellent job, but the...