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    Repotting the PEOY

    Noodliness is “The Dude”!
  2. Duck Slipper

    Repotting Paph exul

    Good job! Interesting!
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    Paph. Julius

    These are a large flower…3 flowers with another opening. I have seen pics of Julius with petals held straight out and also drooping, not sure which is preferred.
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    Paph. roth (‘Black Bird’ x ‘Mont Millais’ FCC/AOS FCC/RHS)

    I pollinated these with ‘World Cup x Raptor’ pollen about one month ago. I also did the reverse with this roth but that spike and pods quickly died. I think this was successful, maybe there is a slight swelling of the pods. How long before these are harvested and sent of? Any input on the...
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    My collection

    I see all kinds of room for future Paph purchases!! What is the large strap leaved plant in the middle pic?
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    Aerate RO water?

    I use a 65 gallon tank that is a white/clear color. I pump water to this 65 gallon tank from the cistern. -Right now I am still using a 300 watt aquarium heater to heat the water. Rain water stored in an underground cistern. If I didn't use an aerator the water will be at 77 degrees at the...
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    So cool! Excellent! Really good job!
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    C. trianaei ‘Cashen’s’ Original Division

    I would be pleased also. Very nice!
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    Redlands Show: May 18-21, 2023 (Florida)

    Wish I had been there... I'll be making it sometime soon!
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    Paph. armeniacum - finally a successful flowering

    That dude loves its basket! Excellent culture!
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    Cattleya rex 2023

    Chadwick’s also says they are very easy to take care of…Hmmm, if they are so beautiful and easy to grow, why are they so hard to find??
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    Piping Rock new owner

    That is awful!
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    Cattleya rex 2023

    Photo's are stunning...please keep them coming! What have you mounted some of your Rex's on? I have mounted some on Oak bark and they are doing good!
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    Am I sailing on dangerous waters?

    I agree with the "Aereate your water"!