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    Why was I created?? Paph Bruno

    Bruno is one of the very best plants for growing into a specimen easily. A great hybrid that shows the value of back-crosses.
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    Aragon 'Ann' - Judged

    Late to the party. Just wanted to comment that this is one of the most attractive Paphs I've seen. Outstanding color, great form, and all-around charm. Congratulations!
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    Paph. Dottie McDowell 'Hampshire' AM/AOS

    Named for my mom, who turns 80 this year. (Green Mystery 'White Lynx' x Freckles 'Showstopper' AM/AOS).
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    (Winwine x fairrieanum) from Arnold Klehm

    I got this from Arnie Klehm in January. Apparently, the overall quality of the cross was quite good. Some look more like fairrieanum, but this one is really super.
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    Paph Oto 'Deerwood' AM/AOS

    Arnie has remade this cross at least once. He made it with WC 'Indomitable' x fairrieanum 'Red' in the late '80s/early '90s. The overall quality was outstanding. There was another cross that was at least as nice called Buss Faire (Hampshire Buss x fairrieanum) from around the same time...