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    Looking forward to reading about your wasabi hybrids in the future. You know it's just a matter of time...
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    Paph Gratrixianum 'Wedgewood' AM/AOS

    It seems that I now need to work on picture orientation...
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    Paph Gratrixianum 'Wedgewood' AM/AOS

    My first attempt at blooming a cool growing species in Houston. Paph Gratrixianum 'Wedgewood' AM/AOS from Orchidacea, Inc.
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    Hello from Oldenburg!

    Welcome from Houston, TX!
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    New member

    Sounds like you're off to a good start :poke: Welcome from Houston!
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    The Orchid Digest- Vol. 82-4

    This issue is an excellent reference as both the species descriptions and the accompanying pictures make identification quite simple. Harold did an exceptional job explaining the subtle differences between the myriad members of the villosum-gratrixianum complex, convincing me to relabel a...
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    Greetings from Houston!

    Hello all! I recently joined this forum to get some insight on paph culture so that I could stop pestering Rick (Slipperking) every month at our local orchid society meetings. I've been growing orchids indoors for two years now and have seen the paphiopedilum population in my home expand at an...