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    Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Magnificient'

    They are magnificent looking!!
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    Chiu Hua Dancer 'Wacky Worm' AM/AOS

    Awesome! Congratulations
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    windswept 2017

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    upstate ladies and marl works +

    This is an interesting thread I just stumbled upon while doing a search for "video editor". I live very close to here, let me know if you go back next spring. We have acaule at our camps in Forestport and I have a lot of large jack in the pulpits in the woods behind my house, as well as a few...
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    My Visit to the Huntington - Video Preview!

    It's a nice survey of the garden, you missed the roses though . But the voice over is a nice voice, with what I feel are interesting commentaries, I could see it being watchable by both plant snobs and your orchid or plant neophyte. Nice work! I have learned how hard it is making videos, my kids...
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    Mexipedium xerophyticum

    Nice plant, thanks for documenting its progress and culture tips!
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    First Paph flower-delenatii

    a double bud? nice!and I like how compact the leaves look, nice plant all around Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Looks like it took!

    Keep us posted!
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    Yellow Brachy

    It's like butter!
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    New Paph. species from Sulawesi described.

    A square looking pouch. Interesting! Thanks for the info
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    Japanese orchids

    A cool looking plant! The best effect in this case might be when the plant is grown clustered with others to create a mass effect in a garden. That would be a sight!
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    Calopogon tuberosa and lotus/waterlilies

    There is something about them isn't there? Nice flowers! They are all pretty.
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    White Paph. Magic Lantern

    Pretty color and I love the balance and proportions! Perfect posture!
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    Paph. Lowii

    Lovely flower, what ended up happening?
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    Paph tigrinum 'Sunset'

    Lovely tigrinum, this species has been on my wish list! Love those painted-on looking streaks along the petals.