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  1. ChuckG1970

    Paph Bereneice

    This is an exception flower(s). The plant is flowering on one growth.
  2. ChuckG1970

    Paph Malipoense

    Wow, I have not remembered to check. Certainly not overwhelming if there is any. I will check when I get home or in the morning.
  3. ChuckG1970

    Paph Fanaticum

    I have seen a few of these blooms, but not enough to know what constitutes a choice flower. I know that the pouch can have more color and can have a different shape. The petals on this one seem nice, but I’m not sure about the dorsal sepal at all. What do you guys think? I actually just...
  4. ChuckG1970

    Paph Malipoense

    Should be lower case m in malipoense, instead of capital since it’s a species. My bad...
  5. ChuckG1970

    Paph Malipoense

  6. ChuckG1970

    Paphiopedilum spicerianum ‘Hercules’

    Sometimes plants are so vastly different then the “standard” that they can freak the judges out. I don’t necessarily think that plant was treated with colchicine, but you might see where some judges could think it was. I don’t have any idea if polyploid plants can be awarded or not, but I’m sure...
  7. ChuckG1970

    Paph Miracle ‘Victory’ AM/AOS

    The other I will say about this plant is that once it starts blooming it just continues to send out new spikes. The last time this plant bloomed before I divided her it was in bloom from early Feb all the way thru September. I think it had 6 spikes in all.
  8. ChuckG1970

    Paph Miracle ‘Victory’ AM/AOS

    I think I got that plant in the early 00’s from a local greenhouse that is now gone. Funny thing is that I recently inherited a rather large collection and it contains 1 as well. So I actually have 3 plants and 2 of them are multiple growth large specimen type plants.
  9. ChuckG1970

    Magic Lantern

    Beautiful flower
  10. ChuckG1970

    Paphiopedilum tranlienianum fm. album

    Wow that’s a beautiful flower!
  11. ChuckG1970

    Old School Awarded Paphs

    Betty Bracey ‘Meadowlark’ , Freckles ‘Corky’ , and Hunter’s Point ‘San Francisco’ are all older awarded paphs, but they are all new to me. What is remarkable about each of these plants that have each been open for at least 3 weeks and the former 2 going on 5 weeks is the heavy substance they...
  12. ChuckG1970

    Old School Awarded Paphs

  13. ChuckG1970

    Paph Makuli ‘Hutch’ AM/AOS

    It is AM/AOS
  14. ChuckG1970

    Paph Miracle ‘Victory’ AM/AOS

    This is the healthiest plant I have ever cultivated. I have repotted and divided it several times and I can’t remember a time when I had to remove a single rotten root!!! Certainly, I have done something correct, but I have reported 1000s of orchids and I have never had roots so healthy that I...
  15. ChuckG1970

    Paph Miracle ‘Victory’ AM/AOS