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  1. Carol

    Phrag La Vivace Epicure Phyllis D. Turner

    I purchased the same cross from Orchids Limited but sadly it has not bloomed yet.
  2. Carol

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    Is is approximately 11 cm across. It is not open all the way, and has been open a few days. I don't know that it will open any more than it has already.
  3. Carol

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

    My Phrag Fritz Schomburg is in bloom again after a year and a half.
  4. Carol

    OSWP Fall Orchid Festival

    The OSWP is hosting our Fall Orchid Festival: October 16 10-5 October 17 10-3 Phipps Garden Center at Fifth and Shady Avenues, Pittsburgh, PA The event is free and there will be lectures each day. Go to www.oswp.org for the list of vendors and lecture schedule.
  5. Carol

    OSWP Spring Show March 20-21

    The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania is hosting their Annual Spring Show, The Mystique of Orchids, on March 20-21. Hours are 10-6 Saturday, March 20 and 10-5, March 21 at the Phipps Garden Center(not the big Conservatory). Admission is free to the Public. We will have lectures both days...
  6. Carol

    TIOS 2009, photos of all paph entries

    Oh my, oh my!
  7. Carol

    Which roths to choose?

    Paph roth I noticed that the Paph rothschildianum('Sam's Best' FCC/AOS x 'Rex' FCC/AOS) that I purchased from Sam Tsui 2 1/2 years ago is in spike. How long is the wait now?
  8. Carol

    paph Angela

    The one that I posted a week or so ago has another bud about to open. I have a second Paph Angela about to open and I think it will have 3 blooms eventually.
  9. Carol

    Paph Angela

    Yes, I meant cm, my mistake!
  10. Carol

    Paph Angela

    Aproximate size is 8 mm x 7.5 mm. I ordered from Krull-Smith with my AOS coupon and paid with a credit card and they brought the orchids with them to the Longwood Gardens show. They are available on their website for $15 each and I should have bought more!
  11. Carol

    Paph Angela

    I purchased this Paph Angela from Krull-Smith at the Longwood Garden Show in the spring. The other one that I purchased is also in bud.
  12. Carol

    Paph charlesworthii

    I bought one from him at our show this past spring. Hopefully when it blooms it will be as nice as yours. By the way, he will be a vendor at our OSWP Festival coming up on October 18,19.
  13. Carol

    Paphiopedilums and photoperiod

    I do 16 hours a day, courtesy of Ernie, one of the speakers at our society.
  14. Carol

    hello from pittsburgh

    Hi, I'm from the Pittsburgh area and co-chair of the membership committee of the OSWP. Our first fall meeting is Sunday, September 21 at 1:00. We are also hosting an Orchid Festival on October 18,19(7 vendors and 1 display) at the Phipps Garden Center.If you are interested, please PM me. Join...
  15. Carol

    My new roths from Krull-Smith

    I bought a Fredclarkera 'After Dark' seedling cross from him when he spoke at our recent society(OSWP) meeting in June. I have to say he is one of the best speakers I have ever heard talk about orchids. After his talk, half the room got up, ran to the selling tables and bought orchids that...