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    Ups and downs of life do that. The key is realizing, as has been mentioned, that plants will be available when you resume collecting and most everyone else on this site are always here. (take a moment to pop in when you can for a little visual 'vacation') Glad you are keeping a few though as...
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    Laelia tenebrosa

    I too liked the 'old' names. Half the time I see a name I have no clue what it is without a pic to give me a hint.
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    Counter-top R/O Help!

    You're a sweetie Ray! Thanks muchly. Either my faucet was ok with the old r/o I had or I had that connector on my r/o. Crap, wonder if the dumpsters been emptied yet.........
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    Counter-top R/O Help!

    I just got a new counter top r/o system and when I went to connect it found it does not fit my sink. Great for the outdoor hydrants, but I don't use it there. I went to see my original counter top r/o but must have pitched it (it was battle worn all over!). As I could see what part I may have...
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    Paphiopedilum Doll's Kobold (light form)

    Please PM me. I would you but can't quite get the hang of this new system. Thanks!
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    Cheery Christmas Catts

    I'm a biggie for Cattleyas but these Epicatts are really taking my fancy! Fabulous blooms!
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    Potinara (RLC) Gene Crocker ‘Red Cherry’

    Magnificient! I liked that you added a pic of the flowers with the plant. Great!
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    Priority definition

    Years ago I sent a priority - at the time had to pay extra for tracking - with tracking. Mailed first week of October, arrived week before Christmas. Where it was all that time I have no idea and worse, neither did the post office!
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    Phrags: pot sit in water or not?

    I have a counter top r/o system - thank you soooo very much Ray for this fabulous apparatus - and it has been an absolute essential to my growing orchids.
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    LaCrosse wireless weather station fail

    We have too low a signal here for wifi to work correctly - according to our internet provider. I don't know the 'ins and outs' of this technology, most that we don't have success with 'things' that use wifi.
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    Cattleya plugs

    All gone! Thanks all.
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    Cattleya plugs

    Just PM me your address, we'll settle later on the $$ (I will know better on shipping and not over $8. This saves me refunding!)
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    Cattleya plugs

    I'm back with the orchids again abax! Wonderful to see you here. Mom had some rough times for about two years- now doing very well at 88. I'd swear she is in better health than me for now! So, being back in the swing of things, am thrilled to see so many still here. Am getting used to the...
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    Cattleya Interglossa

    I love bifoliates and this beauty sure takes my eye! A lot of folks don't care for the bifoliates as they say hard to grow but I've found them rather easy. They are more than worth growing!
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    Cattleya plugs

    I have a handful of Cattleya plugs that need a home. They are a couple of inches long. Nice and green and healthy. All I ask is that you pay for shipping, which I will be no more than $8 priority USPS. I'll send a couple with each request - till I run out! Here are the plugs: Blc Waianae...