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    Fungus Leucocoprinus birnbaumii in my plants

    There are a number of fungi that affect orchid substrates. I’m assuming you have seen fruiting, which is why you’re able to identify this as Leucocoprinus? My opinion is that none of the macrofungi that inhabit orchid substrates are destructive to the plants per se; they may even provide...
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    Paphiopedilum fairrieanum

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    New from the Orchid Inn

    Surely a person will be able to guess once they open? And Terry has tigrinum for sale now, won’t he make it right…?
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    Laelia perrinii ‘Suwada’

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    Some seedling progress

    But you just sell the flasks and grow one compot….
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    Cattleya trianae alba ‘Broomhill’

    Thrilling. What a joy to see a species plant with such a venerable history. Thank you.
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    paph helenae + thaianum help?

    You’re in the game!
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    paph helenae + thaianum help?

    I would hydrate this thing in RO overnight, submerged, then spray the next morning with soap and alcohol, let dry, then rinse, let dry, spray with Physan, let dry, then soak in KelpMax water for 20 minutes or so, then pot in moss that’s been soaked in KelpMax water. I’d have some mild bottom...
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    Some seedling progress

    Very interesting. My standard volonteanum’s leaves are much more silvery. Thank you for the comparison and explanation.
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    My first Paphiopedilum helenae

    We’ll you’re doing great but I have to recommend against disturbing a plant that’s in the process of opening. Moving and touching it. Maybe I’m superstitious or extreme but I would avoid it. Can’t wait to see it in a week!
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    Ludisia discolor hv. Red Devils ‘Gates of Hell’

    I wonder too. But I did see a flask of these being potted out and there was tons of obvious variation.
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    Last of the Charlies

    Well I think this is just effing spectacular. I blasted my first and second buds. Always figured this species was easy until I casually acquired a couple. Now I’m consternated. But congratulations! What possible flaw can you even find with this resplendent peacock of a flower?
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    Some seedling progress

    Why “albescent?” Hope it sprouts some growths for you.
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    Orchid Inn black friday sale

    Got my order in yesterday! Had to have those braemii (even though he transposed the vowels ;)).
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    Cypripedium subtropicum - signs of seedling life

    I’d be a basket case about the slugs. There would be zero tolerance.