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  1. brianlang

    Paph Rita Chambers AQ/AOS

    we were talking about this last weekend at the show in Madison, WI. I believe he exhibited 15 plants and 4 of them got AM's, the pictures here may have been taken when the awarded plants were out of the exhibit being photographed
  2. brianlang

    Paph. Berenice ' Silver Creek' AM/AOS 81 pts Awarded July 9 , 2016 at the Chicago Judging center
  3. brianlang

    P. xerophyticum w dark red leaf base

    now I'm gonna have to look at mine when I get home from work to see how much, if any red is in mine
  4. brianlang

    Batavia Orchid Society Show

    I'll be there Saturday for judging
  5. brianlang

    Madison Orchid Grower's Guild Show

    I'll be there for judging on Saturday.
  6. brianlang

    Mad pics

    mad is short for Madison, WI
  7. brianlang


    it was an awesome show!! there was tons of beautiful flowers everywhere!! there was 8 AOS awards total at the show and the team i was on gave 4 AOS awards, 2-AM's and 2-CCM's
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    i'll be there saturday for judging
  9. brianlang

    Chicago Suburban Orchid Show & Sale.

    this is always a nice show! i'll be there on saturday for judging
  10. brianlang

    Help with an ID.

    looks very similar to one Paph. Lunacy that i got in a compot years ago. every one was slightly different, some were short stems and a couple had taller stems like yours. flowers had different colors in the pouches as well
  11. brianlang

    paph insigne sandererae

    i don't see any fine purple spotting at the base of the petals or sepals which is what forma sanderae has. lack of these spots makes this one insigne forma sanderianum.
  12. brianlang

    Orchid Quest - Feb 5th & 6th 2011 - Fred Clarke will be speaking

    If you only go to one show in 2011 , make sure it is this show. There are lots of beautiful displays, and many great vendors. I always spend way more than i should at this show, but i always come home with some great plants.
  13. brianlang

    sanderianum, bad photos of the best of the lot

    nice ones leo. hope my seedlings will turn out that good
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    Paph. Nivesque Satin 'Silver Creek' HCC/AOS

    hey leo, i'm not gonna divide this one yet, but i might still have a couple divisions of others in the greenhouse. i'll have to look and see what i got left, also i have 10 flasks of one of my crosses ( Paph. Joe Headrick x insigne fma. sanderianum 'Silver Creek' HCC/AOS) available , if you're...
  15. brianlang

    Paph. Nivesque Satin 'Silver Creek' HCC/AOS

    hey ernie that white chalk ( lime deposits from my well water) is how i can tell my plants froms everyone else's lol. and you are right about the blooming on these, usually a couple times a year for me. they do start blooming at a young age and these have bloomed every year for at least 10 -12...