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    Phal equestris var coerulea

    How is your growing environment? I have my eq. for nearly 10 years, which I grow in the kitchen that is quite hot, esp. in the summer. My experience is that it loves morning sun (I grow mine at the south-facing windowsill of the kitchen). Also it likes its roots to dry quickly after each...
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    C. Walkeriana 'Manhattan Blue'

    It looks great to me, not mediocre at all.
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    Catt. nobilior

    I got it from a specialist store in my location 8 years ago, was said to be Brazilian import 😊
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    Catt. nobilior

    Many thanks! 😊 I am not good at taking photos, so couldn't capture the best and authentic colour of the blooms...
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    Catt. nobilior

    thank you, will try to keep it alive after flowering 😊😊
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    Catt. nobilior

    three blooms all open in the past three days. First-time blooms though, the shape and color are better than I expected 😊 A tipo?
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    Catt. nobilior

    Yes it is. See if it will grow or wither after the blooms XD
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    Catt. nobilior

    I have been keeping this for 8 years already, I lost its tag for long, so I don't know what variant it is. This one has suffered from spidermites attacks multiple times so it was not a strong plant. It was until I put it in a larger clay pot three years ago did it grow the largest psuedobulb...
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    Moss? In pot

    I grow my walkerianas with sphagnum in clay pot and tree fern pot, both are doing excellent.
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    Phragmipedium besseae in bud

    mine bloomed a month after the spike first grew last September. And it bloomed sequentially till December. Besides, my location is in the subtropical, hence the summer temp is quite high (can easily be 33c+ during daytime even in Sept to early Oct), if you grow yours in cooler temp, I guess the...
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    Phragmipedium besseae

    It was said to be an Orchid Zone select, I am not sure if it makes a difference 😊
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    Phragmipedium besseae

    Mine has bloomed recently. Maybe my place is a bit too warm for it to develop a deeper color, the blooms look more orange. It is currently in its 4th and probably the last bloom on the spike.