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    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    @ Ray Several times you mentioned that the Huntington Botanical Gardens used calcium nitrate as a fertilizer. I would be curious to know what source of magnesium their plants use to make chlorophyll. Do they use tap water ?
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    Paph leaf issue, next episode: gratrixianum

    I have the same issue on a Paph. hirsutissimum. I treated with a maceration of powdered cinnamon in iso-propyl alcohol. I wait and see....
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    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    I would say between 6.5 and 7. If, despite the addition of basic substances, you notice that the pH remains acidic (typically 5.6 or lower) , I advise you to repot in a fresh substrate. Your substrat is too decayed.
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    Crushed oyster shell top dressing Paphs

    Materials that contain Calcium such as dolomite, crushed shells, coral ... should not be considered as sources of Calcium but rather as neutralizing agent of the the substrate acidity which develops with the aging of the substrate.
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    The controversial and super dark cattleya mossiae ‘willowbrook’ FCC/AOS

    All this history reminds me that about 15 years ago I bought a Cattleya luddemaniana from a professional and paid as a botanical Cattleya. When it bloomed for the first time I realized that it was not what I thought it was.The real cattleya luddemaniana has small wings at the top of the column...
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    Paphiopedilum insigne var. moortibensis

    Moortebeek is a village around Brussels capital of Belgium.
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    Cattleya labiata fm (or var) purpureo-striata

    Very very nice flowering. I have two tipo plants. Both are in spathes (double spathe).
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    It is curious to note that I only need 50 to 60 ppm of nitrogen per week (and somtimes 10 days) to make large Cattleya to flower and that much more is needed for Paphiopedilum. Are they bad assimilator(s) ?
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    Phrag. Schroederae browning

    I am with Ray subgestion. I have also observed same situation on my Phrags. To get rid of this problem I treated with FloridaMix (a mix of Aliette and Dithane). But as these materials are difficult to buy Bordeaux mixture is a good alternative. Copper concentration must be around 500 mgr/liter.
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    Brown leaf tips on phrag

    And what is the recommended strength for the 20-10-20 fertilizer?
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    Soaking before fertilizing?

    It seems to me that over time some growers are moving away from the nitrogen concentrations that had been recommended on this forum by Rick Lockwood. Was it insufficient? what problems have you encountered while feeding weakly but often?
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    Paph acomdontum

    Beautiful flowering !
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    Cat (Laelia) tenabrosa

    Beautiful flowering.
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    P. bellatulum

    Beautiful flowering! I suppose that your culture conditions are very hot and humid ? How are temperature and humidity during "winter"?
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    Cattleya hybrid 'Aksel's Prize'

    In Belgiumthe act of selling tickets by an association or a club with a financial interest is also called a tombola. Not all tickets are generally winners ....