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    Kovachii seedling

    No they don’t from what I’ve seen. Well they don’t have a “stoloniferous” growth habit that is. I think the trouble comes with growing them to maturity. The leaf axil is constantly growing upwards as new leaves emerge. As the old weak leaves die off the stem is left exposed giving a leggy...
  2. BigBaby

    Kovachii seedling

    I have a flask of this cross as well. Very vigorous growers - I have a thread on this I’ll update soon with photos. These seedlings came out pretty leggy. I feel like they grew faster than they could’ve been replated - I’ve repotted the compots once already because new roots were growing from...
  3. BigBaby

    China coronavirus, I hope all our friends in hengduan are ok!!

    I ordered plants from Wenqing that were due to be delivered last month but were delayed by the outbreak. She is in CA now but apparently air freight there is a mess and her shipment arrived with no Phyto or CITES so they are currently stuck in customs. Hoping my plants will be fine if/when they...
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    Paph Bryce Larkin

    Looks great, think I’ll be ordering a few of these! - P x
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    Paph jackii almost ‘album’

    Beautiful! Nice symmetrical petals too. Maybe you have some available? ;) - P x
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    Hung Sheng plants

    Well this is slightly discouraging lol! I just received 2 Anitum seedlings from Hung Sheng through Ten Shin at the NJOS show and they’re looking really nice... Hopefully they’re able to acclimate and establish.
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    Paph.parishii ('Jeanie' x 'Andy')

    I found with my 2 plants from Sam that acclimating from greenhouse to indoors takes a bit of time and during this period they can be prone to fungal infection. They also hate repotting. These 2 factors can cause some older foliage to die off, experience cell collapse, etc. keep an eye on the...
  8. BigBaby

    Paph.parishii ('Jeanie' x 'Andy')

    Beautiful! Plants like yours remind me why this is my favorite species. I can only hope mine will bloom this well. Jeanie x Long Red Twister I believe. Please share your culture if you don’t mind! - P x
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    Excellent quality! I have a flask from Austin Creek deflasked this past September. Root production seems very slow - basically rootless out of flask but no losses maybe thanks to the Inocucor product. Your thoughts / experience with this species from flask would be great! - Paul x
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    Australia fire emergency

    I think you may be mistaken but dragging out your name calling into as many words or syllables as possible doesn’t make it valid in any way. Who you are or where you come from do not remove the racist and classist connotations from your words either. But surely I could never contend with your...
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    Australia fire emergency

    Wow! What an absolutely uncalled for and uncompassionate comment. This classist and borderline racist language is totally inappropriate. “Ferals?” Are you serious? Mods do you really tolerate this? Speaking about people experiencing loss in this way - you should be ashamed.
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    OK, which two of you did this to each other !

    Was in my watchlist too but regardless of breeding the plant itself didn’t look like all that. Sometimes I push bids when my max gets beaten just to see how much people are willing to pay and partially out of spite lol ;)
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    New here - Greetings from NYC!

    Jens, thank you for the message. I’ve read some of your threads in the past that have been super helpful to me. This shelf is as large as I can go... for now :) Eric, I thought Neal had to be a member. Now this may be a bit off topic but was hoping for some help. My Hung Sheng flask order...
  14. BigBaby

    New here - Greetings from NYC!

    Great setup Brucher! Mine is less homey and more industrial. Photo below. I’m thinking of trying a small fish tank like your orchidarium for miniatures, seedlings etc. And yes Manhattan Orchid Society. ;) The Kovachii is a dream plant for me as well. Given good survival & growth I will offer...
  15. BigBaby

    New here - Greetings from NYC!

    Thanks for the messages everyone. Interesting thread Linus. Eric, I’m in Jersey City and an MOS member. East Hanover is a hike for me so I haven’t joined NJOS yet but their show is one of the region’s best. I miss being able to water from the tap across the river! Very best - Paul