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    Paph. sanderianum

    I am on the waiting list!
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    Susan Booth?

    When paph. glanduliferum var. praestans x roths, it was named Susan Booth some time ago.
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    Carmen Coll 'Sweet'

    In my want list long time but never get it!
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    Paph Norito Hasegawa 'Mary's Alba'
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    How Many Flowers

    Two only!
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    Paph. Prince Edward of York (25/10/2015 updated)

    I saw this still in bud at the local shop few weeks ago, good choice!
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    Paph Wossner China Moon (armeniacum x hangianum)

    I think this one should be armeniacum x emersonii
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    Shen-Liu White Peri

    anitum x niveum
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    Multi florals

    Where is your greenhouse? Lady Isabel is very good. Who is the breeder?
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    philippinense x delenatii

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    roths time begin

    It is a gift from my friend from Taiwan. Butterfly x V.S.O.P.
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    philippinense x delenatii

    I bought this seedling more than 12 years ago. This is the second bloom after ten years! I put it under a vanda so that it is under shade and it grow more better on two years ago. It is one growth only and photos will be upload after next friday.
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    philippinense x delenatii

    Thank you so much of all yours appreciation!
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    roths time begin

    Happy Ending of this year!:clap: