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  1. Achamore

    Wössner China Moon & Friend

  2. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    Many thanks, just didn't know the term.
  3. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    You're right. I don't know what "air-layering" is, but a 2nd pot sounds good, should have thought to do so already..!
  4. Achamore

    Phragmipedium humboldtii

    Very well grown..! So you keep the mix slightly on the dry side, yes? With that mix, is it something like watering every 3 or 4 days? Any info much appreciated, I usually don't do well with the long-petalled phrags, though I love them.
  5. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    At one point 2 years ago, I was on the verge of throwing it out, as it had become so straggly, and as the stem was so long and out of the pot, surely nothing much could come of it again. I was surprised as any of you at how it grew this spike totally contrary to expectations..!
  6. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    It is in bark, and watered heavily every 2nd day, sometimes daily.
  7. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    Yes, me neither. I felt bad about it for a few years, seeing it grow so far out of the pot, and little (no) support for the stem. But then it developed this incredibly strong spike, much to my amazement.
  8. Achamore

    Phrag Summer Sun

    Looks great..!
  9. Achamore

    Phragmipedium Early Surprise

    The red hues will be very sensitive to the temperature of the light settings in the camera. You could try adjusting that in Photoshop, if you have it.
  10. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    Another photo, showing the stem.
  11. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    I've been growing Don Wimbur specimens for nearly 20 years now, and never had any bloom quite like this one. All the more remarkable for the stem being so long and outside the pot.
  12. Achamore

    Phrag Don Wimbur

    Can't recall where and when I bought this, and it looked a bit forlorn as it developed such a long stem growing way out of the pot. But it developed such a remarkably strong profusion of blooms that have been emerging over the past 2 months, finally felt the need to photograph it.
  13. Achamore

    Phrag. Frank Smith

    Fascinating to see that colour change..! And a great cross, shows the great potential in the kovachii breeding.
  14. Achamore

    Phragmipedium cabrejosii

    When would you reckon these might start to be available? A couple of years?
  15. Achamore

    Phragmipedium cabrejosii

    Wonderful character to it..!