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    neo. yodo no matsu

    Marco, do the flowers have that distinctive Neo fragrance? It's a beautiful plant.
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    Phrag. Saint Rich

    I think it's quite nice and I'll be looking forward to future developments. I love the color too.
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    Phrag. Laurie-Lei Quintal

    Quite an exciting Phrag.! I love surprises like that.
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    Pros and Cons of Grodan rock wool mini cubes

    In my very humid greenhouse growing conditions, I get any Phrag. that's in Grodan out as quickly as possible. It stays too wet too long.
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    neo. shunkyuden

    Very interesting and I'm glad it's getting good care now.
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    A No I.D Paph in Bud

    I have no guess as to the name, but it does have very nice foliage. I'd love to see the bloom when it opens.
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    Phrag. Betheva

    Almost anything with pearcei in it IS a total delight. I love it!
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    Cattleya (syn Laelia) purpurata ‘Goodstuff ‘

    San Jose, CA. He used to show and has an enormous record of AM/AOS awards.
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    Another KY welcome to ST!
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    Phragmipedium besseae flavum help please

    I agree with Tom's dictum "that what works for you works for you". The problem is finding what does work for you and that takes time and observation and some failures.
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    Cattleya alaorii - alba no more

    I think it's quite lovely. Is it fragrant?
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    A Couple of Fukiran in Bloom

    Sooo beautiful and I love the fragrance too. I don't have the proper conditions to bloom Neos., but I enjoy seeing them here.
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    Rlc. Siam Red

    Gorgeous Catt. It certainly catches the eye!
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    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset

    Glorious Chinese red and I love those big "ears".
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    Phragmipedium Millbrook

    Very nice outcome from an ebay plant. You got lucky.