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With over 40 years of orchid-growing experience, coupled with a science and engineering background, First Rays is a trusted source of solid scientific information, providing over 100 free informational articles, and always willing to answer questions directly to help you understand and improve your orchid growing. We are the home of Semi-Hydroponics™ (over-waterproof your plants), retail and wholesale distributors of PrimeAgra® Ceramic Medium, AquaMat™ and EcoWeb™ Advanced Growing Substrates for horticulture, hydroponics, aquariums, vivariums, and the biowall industry. We are a registered nursery with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and licensed to produce fertilizers and plant & soil amendments. Our secure online retail store has over 300 individual items available in the categories of orchid plants, potting media, fertilizers and other horticultural chemicals, vanda baskets, clear flower pots, AquaMat™ and EcoWeb™ sheets, cubes, pots and baskets, meters, gauges, reverse osmosis systems, supplies & components, LED, high-intensity & fluorescent lighting, plant trays, heating mats, labels, stakes, orchid books and artwork.
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