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  1. GuRu
    GuRu Berthold
    Hallo Berti, ich denke die 95 Cent waren eine gute Investition und haben den Button enorm im Wert gesteigert. Du solltest ihn also nur an besonders verdienstvolle Mitglieder des Forums weitergeben, vielleicht als Wanderbutton an Stelle des 'Tanzsterns'. Gern gestatte ich dir den Hinweis, von GuRu gestiftet. Ich denke jedenfalls, ich werde ihn nicht mehr brauchen. Gruss Rudolf
  2. Berthold
    Berthold GuRu
    Hallo Rudolf, ich danke Dir für die Übersendung des Buttons. Deinen Einsatz von 95 Cent für den Brief weiss ich zu schätzen.
    Melde Dich bitte umgehend, wenn Du den Button zurück haben möchtest. Ich werde keinen Mühe scheuen, um ihn umgehend zurück zusenden.
    Gruss Berthold
  3. Teresa Koncolor
    Teresa Koncolor
    My first paph, paph concolor 'account' just finished flowering for a month. She's trying to grow a second bud on same spike.
  4. orchidsdeoro
  5. paworsport
    paworsport Roth
    Hello Xavier, comment vas tu ?
    Es tu revenu en Europe ?
  6. Peru
    Peru Heather
    Hello ! i would like to erase a post
  7. valenzino
    also cannot send with phyto...
  8. valenzino
    Hi,never sent to USA,and i think not easy and expensive for 1 flask...
  9. BrucherT
    BrucherT valenzino
    Hi there, I am in the U.S. would a flask be sendable?
  10. SlipperKing
    SlipperKing southernbelle
    Ok if have a pic you want to post, paph, phrag etc. Touch photograph, then touch the genera(such as paph), then you will see on the right, upper side "start a new thread". Voila! Start typing anything you would like to say about your pic. Add the pic as you have already done.

    Hope this helps
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  11. Phragper
    Phragper Happypaphy7
    sent a reply about the flasks I had ordered. If possible please let me know when these should arrive as I don’t want them sitting out in the hot sun. phragper. Janice Gummersall. 4881 Bainbridge CT SW
    Lilburn. GA. 30047.
  12. Happypaphy7
    Happypaphy7 Djthomp28
    Hello, I have your flask ready to ship. I couldn't send you a message somehow, so here I am.
    Please let me know if you still want it.
  13. sergeharvey
    from Lévis, Québec, Canada
  14. P.K.Hansen
  15. Phaladdict
    Phaladdict P.K.Hansen
    Ok, im at home day 30 and will send you photos, send me a mail address if possible, mine is,it's easier as im not always checking here...
  16. P.K.Hansen
    hi. That sounds great. Please send me pictures of both plants when you're back home. Per
  17. Phaladdict
    Phaladdict P.K.Hansen
    Ps, yes you can pay with paypal at, no need to send now when back home i will show you plant (s) and then you can decide.
    All the best
  18. Phaladdict
    Phaladdict P.K.Hansen
    Im in italy, plant cost is 30 euro plus 18 euro shipping (i have to check for denmark, but more or less this is price for europe).
    Im travelling now but when back home(in a week) i will send you photos of the plant, i also have an extra parnatanum if you are interested, same price as urbanianum and shipping remain the same also for two plants.
  19. Phaladdict
    Phaladdict P.K.Hansen
    I have an extra bs urbanianum if you are still interested
    All the best
    1. P.K.Hansen
      Yes i am. How much do you want for it? Can I pay you with paypal. And where do you live ? It has to be EU to avoid taxes.
      Best regards
      Per K. Hansen
      Apr 22, 2019
  20. abax
    I need advice. Can anyone recommend a yard spray to rid the area of ticks?